Our Cute Collection

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Baby cinnamon

Hi, I'm baby cinnamon. I'm special to my owner, Amy, because She bought me from a sanrio in a San Diego mall. She thinks I was the best price and I'm pretty big. I won't go anywhere without my cinnamon roll. ( actually, It's just sort of stuck to my hands... But I still like it!!) I take bites into it, but it is a magic cinnamon roll, it just grows back!! I think that is the coolest thing!! If you have a question or a comment, (I don't really take negative thoughts) just leave a comment!

Hello Kitty Chinese

This Hello Kitty is from Hong Kong - she was a gift from my cousin Fanny. Hello Kitty Chinese is very fancy. Note the details of her satin outfit complete with gold trim, chinese buttons, and collar. The matching bow and coin purse gives her outfit a totally coordinated look. (You can't open the purse though). Her favorite activity is hanging out with her friends. There are certainly many friends for her to socialize with here at our house.

Friday, September 09, 2005


We adopted Pochacco from our friend Natalie Quan a few years ago. She was in the mood of cleaning out her toys and was looking for a good home for her childhood buddy Pochacco. She knew we would give him a loving home because we have plushies of all kinds here, a closet full and plushies scattered all over every room of the house! So Pochacco happily moved in and made friends with everyone. He brought with him a wallet of himself, pictured here in his hand.

Cinnamon Sugar

Hi, My name is Cinnamon Sugar. I was a present to Amy Lee for Christmas from a friend named Mariah. Earlier Chickie was wondering if he was a good Mayor. As the secretary, I will answer that question, Yes. Sometimes he does get confused but otherwise he is a great mayor. Well, If you have questions, do ask. Just leave a comment. Thanks!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

SPECIAL GUEST: Co-co the monkey

Our special guest: Co-co!!
This monkey is kimberly Wu's animal. I guess most people think mokeys eat bananas, well this monkey is grossed out with bananas and just LOVES peanuts. He chose to pose with the peanuts-nothing else. If you have an animal that would like to be posted leave a comment facts about your animal, and if possible, his/her picture. Here is a word from co-co!!
Hi, as you know, I'm Co-co! (that rhymes!) Yes, I don't like bananas and just Love peanuts. I'm glad I was chosen for the first special guest. I got the prize of a jar of peanuts. Well, thanks! (P.S. Some people also call me Dum-dum!)

Mr. Hippo

This is the story of how Mr. Hippo was discovered.

Elliot and Amy was at the mall with their gong gong - grandpa, to spend a day together. Amy spotted Mr. Hippo at KB Toys. He is so huge, and so cute she wanted to buy him! But Elliot said she must check with me first.

They came home and told me that they saw a hippo plushie big enough for Amy to ride on him! How fun that would be! So our family went to another mall with a KB Toys to look for him. And sure enough, Mr. Hippo was so adorable, and so huge that we just had to bring him home.

This is a picture of him at home on the leather rocking chair. He fills the whole seat! No need for him to go on a diet. The bigger he is, the more lovable. So we feed Mr. Hippo as much as he wants. (This of course does not apply to other human members of the family).

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hello Kitty Purple

She looks different, but this plushie is an authentic Hello Kitty from Sanrio. The fabric is spandex and she is filled with styrofoam micro beads. Bead plushies are very popular now because they feel "moldable." But of course they bounce back to the original shape.

This plushie is aptly named Hello Kitty Purple. You really can't name Hello Kitty anything other than Hello Kitty. We give our Hello Kitties a "last name" so they are individualized.

Hello Kitty Purple usually stays on my bed with me. She is very huggable, with no hard parts. If I roll over her while I sleep, it doesn't hurt me... or her.
(9 1/2" tall)

Ta and Le

Hi I'm Ta, The bigger panda you see on the left. I have one child, Le; the smaller panda. We are both Tare pandas according to San-x. The background you see is just a picture. Not a real panda like me. Le and I are magnetic, We stick together just like the picture. So that means we may be split from each other. We were a present to Amy on her 9th birthday, just like chickie except this time, we were from her Aunt.

Hi, I'm Le.I guess my mom told you most about us. I'm the smaller panda in the picture. I guess that's it. If you have questions be sure to ask us! you know, comment? yeah. ok, bye!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Hi, My name is Chickie Lee. I was a present for amy on her 9th birthday. Her favorite (or only) sister gave me to her knowing that amy will love me. And she does. I'm made of a special fabric and filled with styrofoam beads. Yes, I'm VERY squishy. My cloth is stretched out from all The hugs amy gave me. I'm the mayor of Amy's bed and I hope I'm a good one. you're going to have to ask the secretary (cinnamon sugar. Amy will have a picture of her soon). I have a lot of friends because I guess you can say I'm friendly myself. BTW, Amy just turned ten yesterday! That means I'm already a year old. If you have questions to ask me, Just comment and I'll answer them ASAP. ( sorry about the capitalization problems and stuff. People always ask me, "what do you got in there for brains?" And of course I answered truthfully, "stuffing, actually." then they start cracking up. Weird, I know)

Vintage Hello Kitty

These were my 2005 Mother's Day present from my daughter Amy. She bought them from Ebay with the help of her sister Audrey, brother Elliot, and my Paypal account! Nevertheless, I was surprised when I opened the package. They are a nice addition to my collection of Hello Kitty plushies since I have only a few old ones. These are probably from the 70's because they look like the original design - the shape of the head, the style of clothing and the stitch lines.
(13" tall)


This site will feature all our plushies we've collected over the years. If you have a similar plushie, please let us know.